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Hiking open from 1992 with camping option, with complete tea house option service since 2010. Busy hassle-free trek avoids the flight . Of course less crowded than other popular Everest base camp trek, Annapurna and Langtang trek. A great alternative trek then Annapurna round with high pass, Larke La (5160 )

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The Manaslu Trek requires only that you put aside your sense of Westernized comfort, luxury, and the modern conveniences that you believe you cannot live without. What you will receive in return is God-granted blessing. As you read these words we guarantee that at this moment your imagination is not big enough to conceive this grandeur. Start packing your bags with trustworthy gear and your best “tried and tested” hiking boots.

The Manaslu Trek passes through the home villages of Manaslu Nepal’s owner, co-owner, and manager. Continuing updates are authentic and factual. Your safety is our primary concern.  Our educated readers benefit directly from this.


The name Manaslu, in Sanskrit, means “Mountain of the Spirit”. Manaslu is 8th highest mountain in the world. It is located halfway between Kathmandu and Pokhara, but is north of both of them. The Manaslu region reaches up to the Tibet border, and is also on the original “Great Himalayan Trail”. Trekking Manaslu offers you profound rewards and can be your “dream of a lifetime” but also carries with it your necessary personal ability to be able to handle strenuous endurance and taxing terrain. In other words, it requires your superior physical and mental health. There are a variety of trekking choices. You can do the lower Manaslu, the complete circuit, the lower valley with Tsum Valley, or all of this together. These choices depend only upon your time frame.

The Manaslu trek takes you through challenging mountainous terrain and is subjected to monsoons, land-slides, and mud-slides in their appropriate season. If you trek the high altitudes in December or January you will encounter winter-like conditions.  It is possible to see many types of fauna in this region. Some possibilities you may encounter include wooly hare, snow leopard, lynx, blue sheep, Himalayan musk deer, Himalayan black bear, Assam macaque, blue sheep, grey wolf and the beloved panda.
For this thriving animal life, we have to thank the Buddhist monks who placed a ban on hunting. In the blue skies, the Golden Eagle flies. The Golden Eagle is the king of birds in this region. Over 110 species of birds have been recorded by the monks in the monasteries. Griffons, pheasants and snow cocks are also seen.
The flora for this region includes medicinal plants and aromatic herbs. Over 17 different types of forests have been identified, the rhododendron forests being the singular most spectacular if you happen to trek in their peak season. The different forests are easily recognizable; the vegetation may be the same in some places even where the forest types differ.

"The Manaslu trek is a truly unforgettable experience." 


Manaslu Circuit Trek


Kathmandu to SotiKhola 700m 8 hrs.

This is the first day and you will start your journey from Kathmandu. In the early morning after breakfast, you will take a bus to Arughat. The drive is dusty and bumpy since the roads are not properly peached but the journey is scenic as you will come across with stunning views of hills, pristine forests and rivers. In between, you will stop for lunch and short break on the highway. Overnight at SotiKhola in a tea house.

  • Lodge
  • 700m
  • Electricity
  • 8 hrs.

SotiKhola to MacchaKhola 900m 6 hrs.

Today, after breakfast you will continue your journey. For today, our final destination is MacchaKhola. The walk is quite difficult as you will be walking uneven roads. But the charming village and the locals will keep you going. The trail includes walking through Sal forests, rivers, waterfalls and towering cliffs.
After walking for few hours, you will reach NyaliKhola which holds a specific meaning to the locals. On the rocky edge of the hill, people and trekkers pray to the local deities to keep them safe throughout the trail. Following the trail, you will make a lot of descend and ascend and finally reach MachhaKhola. Overnight at MacchaKhola in a tea house.

  • Lodge
  • 900m
  • Electricity
  • 6hrs.

MacchaKhola to Jagat 1340 m 8 hrs.

Today, after breakfast, you will continue your journey to Jagat. You will walk following the bank of Budi Gandaki and enter a forest where you will get to see many langurs. After forest, you will reach charming Gurung village in lower Khorlabesi. On walking further, you will reach tatopani, which is a natural hot spring where you can relax your tired body. After a dip in the hot spring, you will continue your journey towards Doban. Not stopping anywhere, you will walk pass the landslip and a pasture land called Yaruphat. You will cross a cantilever bridge and reach Jagat. Overnight at Jagat in a tea house.

  • Lodge
  • 1340m
  • Electricity
  • 8hrs.

Jagat to Pewa 1600m 6 hrs.

Today, after breakfast, you will continue your journey towards Pewa. On the trail, you will pass Salleri and descend down to Sirdibas. The village is very cultural and religious as you will see many gomaps and monasteries along with Buddhist prayer flags. Eventually, you will reach Philim where you will have your permits checked and then continue along the river bank. You will leave river bank and enter the rhododendron forest, stunning overhanging rocks on the towering peaks. Further moving on, you will cross SiyarKhola Bridge and reach a junction where the trail separates to Tsum valley on the right. Overnight at Pewa in a tea house.

  • Lodge
  • 1600m
  • Electricity
  • 6 hrs.

Pewa to Namrung 2630m 6.5 hrs.

Today, after breakfast, you will continue your journey towards Namrung. You will take ascend to a winding trail and walk across bamboo forest to reach Deng. You will cross a suspension bridge to climb to Rana and BihiPhedi. On the trail, you will occasionally encounter with the langur monkeys. Then the trail will take you to Ghap through landslide zone so you need to extra careful and listen all the instruction of the guide. After crossing Ghap, you will finally reach Namrung. Overnight at Namrung in teahouse.

  • Camping
  • 2630m
  • None
  • 6.5hrs

Namrung to Lho 2957m 4 hrs.

Today, after breakfast, you will continue your journey to Lho. While on the trail, you will be exposed to typical Tibetan lifestyle of people and their religion. You will walk pass through lush terrace fields, mani walls, chortens, houses and reach Banjam and again enter the fir, rhododendron and oak forest before ascending up to Lihi and Sho. As you begin walking, you will see most of the locals dressed in traditional Tibetan clothing. You will also notice some good paintings in the Kani (gate arches) that you pass before Sho. Walking across the rocky hillside paths, you'll lastly reach Lho. From Lho, you can see the stunning view of Manaslu(8163m) and Manaslunorth (7157m). You have to make sure you have not got altitude sickness, since you will have taken a height. Overnight at Lho in a teahouse.

  • Tea House
  • 2957m
  • Electricity
  • 4hrs

Lho to Sama Gong 3540m 4 hrs.

Today, after breakfast, you will start your journey towards Sama gong. While walking picturesque view of Manaslu will accompany you. Eventually you will reach Shyapla after walking through pine and rhododendron gully with moss and gin clear stream. From Shyapla, you will walk for about an hour to reach SamaGaon. After you enter Samagaon, the view of the mountains will no longer be visible but the stunning yak pasture will equally fascinate you. Samagoan, holds large gompa of the region, many shops, a health post, heliport and telephone/Wi-Fi access, etc. Overnight at Samagan at teahouse.

  • Lodge
  • 3540m
  • Electricity
  • 4hrs

Acclimatization Day – side trip to either PungyenGompa, Manaslu Basecamp or Birendra Tal

Today is a rest day in order to acclimatize your body with the surrounding. At the same time, you will
explore all the major places of Samagaon. You will walk to PungyenGompa on the east of Nubri valley.
Or you can hike to Manaslu Base Camp which is north of Samagaon. Just follow the trail past Birendra
Tal and turn left onto the base camp track. Since, hiking to base camp is quite difficult as you need to be
acclimatize with the rise in the altitude, hence do not forget to keep your body hydrated and walk in a
slow pace. With a slow pace, you will walk to the north of Manaslu glacier to base camp at 4400m and
then return.

  • Lodge
  • 3540m
  • Electricity

Sama Gong to Sanbo 3865m 4 hrs

Today, after breakfast, you will continue journey to Samda. Since you are walking uphill, you need to walk slowly. On the trail, you will pass through yak pastures up a broad valley with long mani walls, with a variety of birds. Proceeding further, you will leave the tree line and climb to a ridge across the wooden bridge of Budi Gandaki before you reach white Kani which is a neighboring village to Samdo. Samdo is a picturesque village with vast yak pasture to herding. Once you reach Samdo, you can hike to Samo peak or explore the nearby village. Overnight at Smado in a tea house.

  • Lodge
  • 3865m
  • Electricity
  • 4hrs

Acclimatization Day – side trip to Tibetan Border 5100 8 hrs.

This is a rest day. You have an option staying in samdo or go for a day trip to Tibetan border. From the border, you can see parts of Tibet and Nepal. If you are on luck, then you might be able to see yak caravan passing the border. At the border, if you look towards south of Samdo glacier you will get excellent pictures of huge serac near the top of the glacier. And also some animal like blue sheep, landscapes and Marmots in season. Overnight at Samdo in a tea house.

  • Lodge
  • 5100m
  • Electricity
  • 8 hrs

Samdo to Dharamasala 4460m 4 hrs.

Today, after breakfast, you will start your journey towards Dharamsala. This is quite an adventurous day as you will be walking uphill and taking height. Therefore, be mindful about your condition. On the trail, you will see breathtaking views of Himalayas as you walk rugged trail of Manaslu region before your each Dharmasala. Dharamsala is a beautiful village where you can relax amidst the gorgeous views of mountains.

  • Lodge
  • 4460m
  • Electricity
  • 4 hrs.

Dharamasala – Larkye La Pass – Bimthang 3590m 10 hrs.

Today, after breakfast, you will continu your journey to Bhimthan. This is a very special day because you are walking to the highest point of the whole journey. You will walk to Larkya La Pass (5160m) which is quite challenging because bad weather can make the walk more difficult. However, the walk is doable. The walk needs to be done before afternoon so you will start your journey earlier than usual day. The walk is challenging but if you walk carefully then you can cross the pass successfully. From the top of the pass, you will get to witness mindblowing views of Himlung (7126m), Kang Guru (6981m) and Annapurna II (7937m). After crossing the pass, you will walk down for 3 hours towards Bhimthang. While descending, you will get stunning views of huge icefalls and mountains in all direction, Pongkar Tal between the Pongkar and Salpudanda Glaciers.

  • Lodge
  • 3590m
  • Electricity
  • 10 hrs

Bimthang to Tal 1700m 9 hrs.

Today, after breakfast, you will descend down to Tal. This is last day of trekking in Manaslu region. While hiking down, you will walk through the lush forests full of flora and fauna and through rhododendron bushes. You will walk back to Karche for lunch across DudhKhola. In the meantime, you will see many signs of glacial flood, with tree trunks smashed and banks undermined, the track becoming quite rough. You finally reach Gurunggaon. You will start to see more terraced fields and walk pass these fields and copses of oak and rhododendron until you reach Tilije. From there you will continue your stroll towards Dharapani until you reach to Tal. Overnight at Tal in teahouse.

  • Lodge
  • 1700m
  • Electricity
  • 9 hrs.

Tal to Kathmandu 1300m 10 hrs.

Today, after breakfast, you will hike down to Besi Sahar or you can take a jeep to Besi Sahar if you tried. From Besi Sahar, you will take a bus to Kathmandu. Or you might as well catch a bus from Tal to Kathmandu. After 7-8 hours ride, you will Kathmandu. Overnight at a Hotel in Kathmandu. 

  • Hotel
  • 1300m
  • Electricity
  • 10 hrs

What's Included

  • Trekking guide
  • All necessary permits for the trek (ACAP, MCAP, and Manaslu Especial permit)
  • 12 nights’ accommodation in the mountain
  • Kathmandu Arughat Sotikhola by private jeep
  • Dharapani to Besishar by local jeep
  • Besishar to Kathmandu Private vehicle
  • Sleeping bag for the trip
  • Water bottle and purified water during the trek
  • Duffel bag for the porter / trekking pole

What's Not Included

  • Flight Tickets
  • Nepalese visa (obtained upon arrival in the country at the border - $ 50)
  • Meals in Kathmandu and on the route of the trekking (approximately up to 15 - 20 dollars per day for 1 person - 320 dollars for the whole time)
  • Personal expenses, souvenirs
  • Medical sports insurance (mandatory, indicating the possibility of helicopter evacuation)
  • Porter up to 20 kg - $ 230 for the entire trip
  • Tips for porters and Nepalese guides

Fixed Departure

Make new friends, trek with the group, easily customize your timeframe, let's pay and join the trek. We make sure for our fixed departure to show you the Manaslu Region. If this date does not match your schedule, we advise you to drop an email at manaslunepaltrek@gmail.com 

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